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· HUMANITY Original Soundtrack is out now - 16 May 2023
· HUMANITY is available now on PS5, PS4 and Steam - 16 May 2023
· 3 new albums, XPU/IS/IU, are available now on UN_N - 20 April 2023
Music | latest releases

Inner Universe  2023  UN_N

Unsensed Sensibilia  2023  UN_N

Xentral Processing Unit  2023  UN_N

Mode Cleaner  2021  Omen Wapta

OST | Original Soundtrack / Film-Score

HUMANITY  2023  enhance | tha ltd.

HUMANITY OST   HUMANITY   enhance   tha ltd.   MIYU HOSOI
TOWER OF THE SUN  2020  Ultra-Vybe

Composition/Sounddesign | selected commissions

HUMANITY  2023  enhance | tha ltd.

Created an original soundtracks & sound effects design for "HUMANITY", a new action puzzle game created by renowned interface/visual designer Yugo Nakamura (tha ltd.) and game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi (enhance). Voice by Miyu Hosoi.

HUMANITY   enhance   tha ltd.   MIYU HOSOI   composition   sound-effects

HUMANITY® / ©2019-2023 Enhance Experience Inc.. ©tha ltd. All rights reserved.
JIDA Motion Identity  2022  JIDA

Created an original sound-logo of a new motion identity for JIDA [Japan Industrial Design Association] (70th anniversary..!), renewed by Yugo Nakamura.

JIDA   tha ltd.   sound-logo

Created sound-effects for KALKUL AURA (eOS 0.1-0.9.7), a modular spatial audio mobile app for iOS by Tokyo-based mixed reality technology startup KALKUL.

KALKUL AURA   sounddesign   sound-effects
TOWER OF THE SUN  2018  PARCO | Spoon.

Composed an original soundtracks for the documentary film "TOWER OF THE SUN", directed by Kosai Sekine, released in 2018. Most of the tracks are performed by multi-instrumentalist and improviser SANMI, and percussionist and drummer PALMECHO.

TOWER OF THE SUN   KOSAI SEKINE   PARCO   Spoon.   film-score

Created an original soundtrack and sound-effects design for an experimental new sensory film experience "KAMUY", directed by Yukihiro Shoda, presented by NION.

KAMUY   YUKIHIRO SHODA   NION   film-score   sound-effects
Installation/Algorithm | selected commissions

decode  2021  menewal edition zero

Created an original soundtrack of "Decode", an immersive audio-visual which is collaboration work between COSMIC LAB, for art project "menewal edition zero" held at Daishoin, Misen.

menewal edition zero   COSMIC LAB   soundtrack
The Essence Of Serendipity  2020  Media Ambition Tokyo

"The Essence Of Serendipity" is an installation created in collaboration between Sansan DSOC and Qosmo, for "Media Ambition Tokyo [MAT]". Qosmo visualizes face-to-face encounters using an algorithm based on a vast amount of data from Sansan's business card application "Eight".

Media Ambition Tokyo   Sansan DSOC   Qosmo   interactive sound algorithm
RESONANCE: Synesthesia + Feedback  2019  De School

De School was licensed by the city of Amsterdam in 2016 as part of the anti-squatting policy, and the building originally used as a technical school is now a complex that is being run for a five-year term. It has a diverse range of residencies, including a club, art space, atelier, cafe, restaurant and gym, was founded by Ernst Matens. In May 2019, they were invited to be the first artist-in-residence for their first-ever residency program. The exhibition titled "RESONANCE" will take place in an art space in the club, and as the viewing time of the exhibition is dependent on the opening hours of the club, the exhibition will be divided into four phases of the month, each of which will be transformed over the course of one weekend. In collaboration with the sculptor Victoria Galvani, who was assigned on the recommendation of the curator, we designed a steel structure floating in the air in the exhibition space and installed it together with the technical staff of the De School. A small camera was installed at the apex of the central part of the structure suspended from the ceiling to extract data such as the differences in light and dark, coordinates, and the speed of change of the structure's surroundings. Using these data as input values, openFrameworks is used to create a video work called "Feedback" that continues to change organically in real time. "Synesthesia" is a synesthesic sulational algorithm that uses TidalCycles and SuperCollider to create a synesthesia experience that changes sound in response to human movement. Thanks to the venue and the visitors generated unexpected reactions to the installation, which revealed the psychological aspects of the people. The program was made possible through the generous cooperation of Studio The Future, Best NL/Lokaal International.

24h book © 2019 Studio The Future   motion graphics © 2019 Shoya Dozono

DE SCHOOL   Studio The Future   Victoria Galvani   Best NL   installations
Panta Rhei  2019  GLASSLOFT

Created an original soundtrack for the installation work "Panta Rhei", directed by Kosai Sekine, for the "GLASSLOFT Exhibition".

Kosai Sekine   NION   GLASSLOFT   soundtrack
The Sun Of Underground  2018  EXPO'70 Commemorative Park

/*This image is the photo of original piece of Taro Okamoto, not this installation's image*/

Created an original soundtracks of the video installation for Taro Okamoto's "TOWER OF THE SUN", directed by Kosai Sekine.

EXPO'70 Commemorative Park   TARO OKAMOTO   KOSAI SEKINE   soundtrack

© Expo'70 Commemorative Park
Advertising/Branding | selected commissions

INFOBAR 20th Anniv. Movie  2023  au by KDDI

Created an original soundtrack for INFOBAR 20th Anniv. Movie, directed by yugop (tha.).

au Design project   tha ltd.   soundtrack

Created an original soundtrack of the concept movie for TOKYO NODE, a new information dissemination center at Toranomon Hills, a global business center, which will open in the fall of 2023.

TOKYO NODE   tha ltd.   MORI BUILDING   soundtrack
adidas | MOUSSY 2017 S/S  2017  adidas | MOUSSY

Created an original soundtrack of the image film, for adidas and MOUSSY collaboration line 2017 S/S, directed by Kyotaro Hayashi.

adidas   MOUSSY   KYOTARO HAYASHI   soundtrack

Created an original soundtrack and sounddesign of a branded movie for CIRCULATION.

CIRCULATION   Omnibus   soundtrack

Created an original soundtrack of a collection film, for TARO HORIUCHI 2013 A/W.

THE PLAYFACE  2009  SONY | PlayStation

Sound direction of the "The Playface" campaign for PlayStation in 2009, an edgy and bizarre advertising work by director Timothy Saccenti and the W+K Tokyo team.


Commission Enquiries EN

Currently, we mainly accept the following types of work:

· Compose original soundtracks for ex. films, spatial designs, and any branding purposes
· Create Sounddesign/Sound-Effects for ex. films, videogames, apps, and products
· Development of interactive sound algorithms for installations, exhibitions
· Improvisation, installation and workshops focusing on modular synthesizers
· Mixing with higher resolution and spatial processing for any digital audios
· HD treatment of harmonic overtones/density of sound in time direction prior to mastering

The production fees vary depending on the project's scale and scope of work.
Please feel free to contact us with the detailed information of your request.
Commission Enquiries JP

現在, 主に以下のようなご依頼を承っております:

· 映像, 空間デザイン, ブランディングなどのためのオリジナル・サウンドトラックの作曲
· 映画, ゲーム, アプリ, プロダクトなどのサウンドデザイン・サウンドエフェクトの制作
· インスタレーションや展示などにおけるインタラクティブなサウンドアルゴリズムの開発
· モジュラー・シンセサイザーを用いた即興演奏, 展示, ワークショップの開催
· あらゆるデジタルオーディオの高解像度化、空間処理を伴うミキシング
· マスタリング前の高調波倍音や時間軸方向の音の密度などを中心とした高解像度化処理

各種制作費は, ご依頼内容や, プロジェクトの規模・範囲によって異なります.
ご依頼の詳細情報を添えて, こちらまでお気軽にお問い合わせください.
Biography EN

JEMAPUR is a wave addict, electronic musician, sound designer and coder, who runs Astral Space Lab. Based on his interest in the phenomena generated by frequencies and waves themselves, he has been experimenting and researching on how to influence and extend the perceptual and cognitive activities of the listener by using modular synthesizers to create a sound ecosystem that is electrically controlled and continuously transformed through a temporal/spatial cycle. Recently, he composed the entire music for the documentary film "Tower of the Sun", directed by Kosai Sekine. In 2019, in cooperation with Studio The Future, held a month-long exhibition "RESONANCE: Synesthesia + Feedback" at De School, a club complex in Amsterdam, NL, with sculptor Victoria Galvani. In 2021, he released the LP "Mode Cleaner" on the emerging label Omen Wapta based in Delft, The Netherlands. In 2023, he released three works, "Xentral Processing Unit", "Unsensed Sensibilia", and "Inner Universe", from private archive UN_N. In the game "HUMANITY", a collaboration between tha. and Enhance, which was released in May 2023, he was in charge of the music and sound effects for the entire game. The original soundtrack, released simultaneously with the game, is now available.
Biography JP

JEMAPURは波形氣狂, 電子音楽家, サウンド・デザイナー/コーダー. Astral Space Lab主宰. 周波数や波そのものが生み出す現象への興味を軸に, モジュラー・シンセサイザーを用いて, 電気制御によって時間的/空間的に変容しながら循環し続ける音の生態系として現象化することにより, 体験者の知覚, 認知活動に対して影響・拡張し得る領域について, 実験と研究を重ねている. 2018年, 関根光才監督によるドキュメンタリー映画, 『太陽の塔』の劇中音楽を全編に渡り作曲を担当. 2019年にはStudio The Future協力の元, 蘭・アムステルダムにあるクラブ・複合施設De Schoolにて, 彫刻家のVictoria Galvaniと共に, エキシビション『RESONANCE: Synesthesia + Feedback』を一ヶ月に渡り開催するなど, 活動の領域を広げている. 2021年には蘭・デルフトを拠点とする新興レーベルOmen Waptaより, LP『Mode Cleaner』をリリース. 2023年, 新たに自身のプライヴェート・メディア・アーカイヴ UN_Nより, 『Xentral Processing Unit』, 『Unsensed Sensibilia』, 『Inner Universe』の3つの新作を発表. 2023年5月に公開されたtha.Enhanceの共同開発によるゲーム『HUMANITY』では, 全編の音楽・サウンドエフェクトの制作を担当. ゲームと同時公開されたオリジナル・サウンドトラックも配信中.

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